It's not any steel pipe, it's HIGH TENSILE class C350 pipe.

We have accredited qualify welder in carrying out the job on all of the metal fabricating parts. The welders is tested and passed for  Welding Quality Test (WQT) from accredited NDT welding testing firm.

Our engineers with in-depth pile foundation & underpinning knowledge will provide good engineering service and quick turnaround.

From foundation & structure design till construction works. As a piling contractor, we are dedicate to keeping you build the safe structure with helical pile system!

HPA Helical Piling Company, Malaysia piling contractor for helical pile produce quality steel pile for foundation repair and underpinning foundations.

Quality Fabrication

What is helical pile/ Anchor ?

HPA Helical Pile Contractor at Malaysia

Roanoke Marshes Light, a screw pile lighthouse in North Carolina. Lit in 1877.


Why We Use Helical Piles ?

A helical pile and anchor is an extendable deep pile foundation system with helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft. Load is transferred from the shaft to the soil through these bearing plates

Helical Piles - Solar Energy

Eco and quick installation steel piling solution for solar power plant.

We provide engineering design, piles production and installation for fast speed construction of large scale ground mounted solar farm.

The usage of helical piles or screw piles and anchors in the construction dates back to nearly 200 years. In the 1830s, the earliest version of screw piles were used in England for moorings and foundations of lighthouse structure.

Today, helical piles are used in both compression and tension in construction industry as application of  piles & anchor due to the advancements in hydraulic motors and versatility of installation equipment.

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No Vibration

Attached with hydraulic auger motor, the pile is rotated into the soil stratum constantly without creating vibration to surrounding.

Clean Installation

Installation of helical piles, anchor does not required concrete or grout, thereby minimizing equipments, noise and mess on the construction site. Helical piles do not auger soils to surface, thus no costly spoil handling fees for the project. Cost saving for you piling works.

Speedy Installation

Our trained operator could install 10 minutes per pile up to 6 meters long.

Installation  at  Space Constraint  Area

The pile installation is by using mini-excavator, skid or backhoe. Thus, accessing confined or areas of limited space are easily resolved. The equipment and drive motor can be sized accordance to project design loads as well as site access. Such, carry out underpinning works is not a problem inside the building.

Temporary Piles & Anchor

Helical pile can be removed very easily from ground by reversing the installation process. Its completely remove-able piling system suitable for temporary uses such as public utilities services & facilities, temporary building or decking and temporary ground anchor for strutting proposes.

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