Illustration of ground anchor installation in retaining wall

Helical Anchor is immediate loading ground anchor

Ground Anchor / Tieback System

Helical tiebacks are steel shaft with series of low-pitched circular plates welded at strategic positions along the shaft to give the ground anchor acting in tension mode to strain the earth retention structure, retaining wall and sheet pile wall.

Helical anchor can be installed at any angle, even up to the horizontal, because of no concrete or grout is used nor is any soil excavated. Helical anchor can be tensioned to the design load immediately due to no grout/ concrete cure time as compare to conventional grount anchor which take longer period installation, grout curing and strengthening work.

Helical anchor can be performed as temporary anchor or permanent anchor.

Helical anchor can be use as permanent soil nailing in troubleshoot slope stability works.

Tiebacks, Ground Anchor, Soil Nail

Helical Anchor - Load Transfer Mechanism

Anchor Screw Coupler (ASC) is attached to the helical anchor shaft and to the retaining wall with a plate & nut. Simple and direct load transfer mechanism allow the tension jacking force apply instantly to the structure.

This purposed driven system designed for the application of helical anchor/ ground anchor at RC retaining wall, soldier pile wall, contiguous pile wall & sheet pile wall.

Helical anchor can be used as permanent anchor or temporary anchor as the whole anchor system can be completely removed and left no concrete or steel.

It's a versatile ground anchor alternative solution in resolving slope stability design. 


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